Sintelon rugs

Sintelon rugs

Rugs for your home - Sintelon rugs

Today, rugs are an inevitable interior design element and they first of all must meet individual aesthetical criteria. It is also very important that the rugs are simple to use and durable, and available for various purposes and affordable.

Depending on the purpose of the room for which you are choosing the rug, and the general impression you would like to create, you may opt for rugs mad of wool or modern materials in various shapes, colours and dimensions.

The choice of rug shape can greatly influence the overall impression in the room for which you are choosing it. Round rugs contribute to a softened appearance and additional warmth in the rooms which are otherwise wide, rectangular or long. Rectangular rugs certainly are the most common choice for the consumers as they emphasize parts of the environment intended for sitting and conversation, dining etc., so they are a safe choice for living rooms, bedrooms or dining rooms. Oval rugs are convenient choice for dining rooms, as well as for the living rooms in areas in front of the fireplace, verandas or glazed terraces. Rug runners are as a rule more available in cheaper rug qualities, as they are frequently bought as an accompanying element to a rug of the same design, but they can also be very elegant as separate rugs as well, when made of wool with oriental motifs.

When choosing the size of rug, some basic rules should be taken into consideration. Large rugs best fit living rooms, kitchens and large bedrooms, while the smaller ones suit corridors, kitchens and sometimes bathrooms. You can also put more than one rug in a single room, as long as you are taking care of the rug colours. Rugs of different sizes are best fit with each other, while the rugs of same size often can visually divide the room in two parts.

Warm rug colours bring light into the room, while the colder tones of green and blue are very soothing. Bright colours give sense of space, while the darker ones create a feeling of comfort.

For the children aged from several months to 2-3 years you should pick cheerful colours with interesting images, because the child in that age starts to discover the world surrounding it. When the children have started school, the rugs lose their function as an area for playing and become more of a decorative element which should not distract their attention. Therefore, for the schoolchildren it is best to choose simple images or single-tone pastel shades whose style fits with the rest of the interior.

Regardless of the trends, which you can of course follow with different speeds, try to make your interior fun, informal and above all pleasant for your family. It is important that this space reflect the characters of the family members and makes them happy.

Sintelon rugs represent modern, innovative solutions for textile floorings, and they are made of wool and polypropylene. In the wide range of rugs conforming to the current trends, you will find the one that best fits your environment, and the improved rug properties will make maintenance easier for you. The choice of colours, designs, structures, size and shape of rug offers endless options of fitting into every interior. From modern designs which give an original touch to every space, through shaggy and soft rugs for exceptional comfort, to minimalist colour combinations and more traditional designs – Your Sintelon rug will add a completely new, warmer dimension of enjoyment to your home.