Sintelon rugs

Rugs in home decoration

Rug is the only flooring which, besides its function as a covering which adds warmth to the space, frequently can be the central decorative element, a supplementing aesthetical means with help of which the living environment shaped to your style is getting ennobled. Depending on the texture, colour and design, the rug you choose will create a special atmosphere and spice up the ambience in every room.

Every space has its purpose and it should necessarily differ from the others by its expression and colours generating positive impact. Rugs add warmth and colour to other floorings, regardless whether they are made of wood, stone or some other material. Through different combinations, rugs create new mood, and different, original atmosphere. You can change them as many times you like in order to express your creativity.

Rug is not only a textile flooring, but also a design detail which you have brought to life the moment you placed it in your most private place, to speak of your inner impression of trends and style, together with carefully chosen furniture and curtains in favourite colours and designs.

Rugs are available in many different colours, designs, sizes and shapes, to enable you to find the appropriate piece for your home. Very often, rugs are inspired by the design of clothes and furniture, and so they can function as a separate interior element as well.